Psychedelic Integrated Therapy


Many psychedelics are currently being researched for their use as a therapeutic modality. However, at this time, ketamine is the only medically approved psychedelic. MDMA and psilocybin are showing great promise and may be available for medical use as early as 2024. As such, ketamine can be offered for use during a therapy session where the client can feel safe and supported to explore their inner psyche while having a therapist there to aid in making sense of what was experienced and in integrating it into their daily life. This type of therapy is called ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP). I will be offering KAP in the near future.

All other psychedelics at this time are illegal. However, I know that people do still choose to take risks and may not be prepared for what they will experience or already have experienced. First of all, I do not encourage or condone the use of illegal substances. But I do offer integration therapy that takes a harm reduction approach to helping people either prepare for a self-guided psychedelic trip or address what came up after a trip and how to live with a new or expanded understanding of themselves and/or life.

Find your potential for self-growth and empowerment.

What is psychedelic integration therapy?

Psychedelics are powerful and can open up many expected and unexpected memories or insights. These “mystical experiences,” or also referred to as non-ordinary states of consciousness, can result in a state of deep calm or cause significant distress or confusion. It is thought that psychedelics assists people in exploring the deeper or “shadow” sides of themselves. These are the parts that are hidden from consciousness but form the core, most fundamental aspects of who we are and what we struggle with. Exposing the shadow self can help you get to the root and address the issues where they begin. Getting to the root may sound like the best route to take, but it can cause much internal struggle and crisis along the way. Some people report having had an out-of-body experience or even ego death. For others, they may have felt more expansive or part of the collective consciousness.

These experiences can cause a great amount of confusion and struggle as to how to integrate or synthesize such profound insights into your daily life. You may even feel stuck in interpreting what you experienced and feel like it was profound but not sure in what way. Having someone to listen and support you in making sense of it all can be an integral part to the whole experience. I have specialized training in non-ordinary states of consciousness and can help you integrate what you experienced and increase the potential for self-growth and empowerment.