Existential Exploration

What is a meaningful life?

At a certain point in life, you may have wondered, “what is the meaning of life?” Or “do my beliefs in life fit in with how I’m currently living?” Many people often search for meaning and purpose in their life, but feel lost, stuck, or confused about where they are and the direction they are headed.

I help you explore these questions as well as address those I often consider to be “unanswerable.” That is, there is no universal answer but is left up to each person to define. For instance, the question, “what is the meaning of life” will be answered differently by many different people. But without some type of answer, people can feel lost and have difficulty finding meaning throughout life. And it’s the meaning that one makes in life that can make all the difference in how we live and whether we feel like we can thrive or not.

Becky McGinnis existential exploration therapist

I help you with these types of questions so you can find more direction to help you along life’s journey.  Since many life events, especially challenging ones, can cause us to significantly question our life choices and re-evaluate how we have lived it so far, identifying the life lesson and learning to integrate those lessons into our lives can help us continue to grow within and help create a life that feels worth living. Whatever brought you here, together we’ll explore and connect to your inner truths and learn how your own inner wisdom can continue to guide you on your life’s journey.

Mindfulness takes bravery and courage. Together we can help you find a way to embrace reality, while also striving for your hopes and dreams.

Live with Purpose. Be True to Yourself.

Spiritual Experiences & Emergencies

A spiritual emergency or spiritual crisis can occur when someone has a spiritual experience that makes them question their beliefs, purpose, values, goals, and identity. It can happen spontaneously, over time, or as a result of using psychedelics. This sudden or growing awareness can lead to an identity crisis. Are you conflicted with how you’re living your life compared to your new insights and awareness of who you are?

I support clients in deconstructing religious and spiritual beliefs that create barriers and restrict how you live your life. We'll examine or reconstruct a belief system that is more aligned with who you are. I can help you navigate choices and directions in life more effectively so you can live authentically.

Grief & Loss

When we experience loss, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or your way of life, the grief that follows can be difficult to manage. Grief and loss bring up questions about self-identity, the meaning of life, and understanding our purpose. You may be questioning many aspects of your life, and aren't sure how to untangle the thoughts and feelings that overwhelm you.

If you experienced loss, no matter how long ago it may have been, I can help you work through the pain so you make meaning of your life and live genuinely. Loss will always be a part of life, but that doesn't mean you have to process it alone.

Near Death Experiences

Near-death Experiences (NDEs) can have a profound impact on one’s life. They can occur when a person experiences a period of actual death or impending death. These types of experiences can cause radical shifts in how one sees themselves and the world around them and can result in what is called a spiritually transformative experience.  Because it can be so impactful, it could lead to internal struggles such as an existential crisis, identity crisis, spiritual crisis and/or spiritual emergency. Having someone to talk to is essential to learning how to process and integrate this into your life. There is so much potential for growth from such a profound life experience and you should not feel alone with it. I am very knowledgeable about near-death experiences and can offer a safe space to explore and find a new way of relating to yourself and others.

Connect with Your Inner Self

Depending on your life circumstances or what you're going through, these transitions can shake your belief system. Being able to recalibrate, connect with who you are, and learn from difficult life situations can help you answer difficult questions. When we can answer those seemingly unanswerable questions, it formulates and connects to our deepest values.

Many of us are taught to look for external validation, but that can make us more dissatisfied with life. If we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to explore our own inner workings, we make choices from more surface level places. "This is what I’m supposed to do and how I'm supposed to live." "This is what my parents want." When we look externally for the answers, we’re not led down our own path. Therapy gives you the safe space to get in touch with your inner self so you can answer the bigger questions. Looking internally helps you gain clarity, learn to rely on internal validation, and trust your own inner compass.